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Filters an image using a linear filter. Type : polymorphic.


Input parameters


Image Src : class, type accepted U8, I16, RGB and HSL.
Image Mask : class,
type accepted U8, I16, RGB and HSL.
Kernel : array,
2D array that contains the convolution matrix to apply to the image. The size of the convolution is fixed by the size of this array. The array can be generated by standard LabVIEW programming techniques or the Get Kernel or the Build Kernel function. If the kernel contains fewer than three rows or three columns, no convolution is performed.

Convolution Parameters : cluster,

Divider : integer, normalization factor that can be applied to the sum of the obtained products. Under normal conditions the divider should not be connected. If connected and not equal to 0, the elements internal to the matrix are summed and then divided by this normalization factor.
Rounding Mode : enum, specifies the type of rounding to use when dividing image pixels.

      • OPTIMIZED : rounds the result of a division using the best available method
      • TRUNCATE : truncates the result of a division


Output parameters


Image Dst : class


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