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Set Session Parameters


Sets a property in the session. Type : polymorphic.


Input parameters


Session Src : class
Parameters Type : enum,
Session generic properties identifier.

    • CAP_PROP_POS_MSEC : Current position of the video file in milliseconds
    • CAP_PROP_POS_FRAMES : 0-based index of the frame to be decoded/captured next
    • CAP_PROP_POS_AVI_RATIO : Relative position of the video file : 0=start of the film, 1=end of the film
    • CAP_PROP_FRAME_WIDTH : Width of the frames in the video stream
    • CAP_PROP_FRAME_HEIGHT : Height of the frames in the video stream
    • CAP_PROP_FPS : Frame rate
    • CAP_PROP_FOURCC : 4-character code of codec
    • CAP_PROP_FRAME_COUNT : Number of frames in the video file
    • CAP_PROP_FORMAT : Format of the Mat objects
    • CAP_PROP_MODE : Backend-specific value indicating the current capture mode
    • CAP_PROP_BRIGHTNESS : Brightness of the image (only for those cameras that support)
    • CAP_PROP_CONTRAST : Contrast of the image (only for cameras)
    • CAP_PROP_SATURATION : Saturation of the image (only for cameras)
    • CAP_PROP_HUE : Hue of the image (only for cameras)
    • CAP_PROP_GAIN : Gain of the image (only for those cameras that support)
    • CAP_PROP_EXPOSURE : Exposure (only for those cameras that support)
    • CAP_PROP_CONVERT_RGB : Boolean flags indicating whether images should be converted to RGB
    • CAP_PROP_WHITE_BALANCE_BLUE_U : Currently unsupported
    • CAP_PROP_WHITE_BALANCE_RED_V : Currently unsupported
    • CAP_PROP_RECTIFICATION : Rectification flag for stereo cameras
    • CAP_PROP_SAR_NUM : Sample aspect ratio : num/den (num)
    • CAP_PROP_SAR_DEN : Sample aspect ratio : num/den (den)
    • CAP_PROP_BACKEND : Current backend. Read-only property
    • CAP_PROP_CHANNEL : Video input or Channel Number
    • CAP_PROP_AUTO_WB : enable/ disable auto white-balance
    • CAP_PROP_WB_TEMPERATURE : white-balance color temperature
    • CAP_PROP_CODEC_PIXEL_FORMAT : (read-only) codec’s pixel format
    • CAP_PROP_BITRATE : (read-only) Video bitrate in kbits/s
    • CAP_PROP_ORIENTATION_META : (read-only) Frame rotation defined by stream meta
    • CAP_PROP_ORIENTATION_AUTO : rotates output frames of CvCapture considering video file’s metadata

Value : float, value for the specified property.

Output parameters


Session Dst : class
Succeed? : boolean, true if the property is supported by backend used by the Session instance.


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