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Useful links

We are proud to offer the deep learning experience with LabVIEW to our valued customers. In order to make this experience a success, we offer to guide you with these useful links by quickly introducing you to our services.

Starting pages

As you will need to start quickly with HAIBAL, we provide a basic tutorial on this page, helping you to define the model, launch it and train it easily.

Of course if you want to download the toolkit just go to this page.

The Examples guide page will also help you find examples of how to use HAIBAL.

And a page dedicated to application examples is available and often updated!

About the Support Community

If you are having trouble using HAIBAL, the HAIBAL Community is a peer-to-peer support and collaboration community of volunteers.
The community serves as a meeting place where you can post any questions, thoughts, or suggestions you have about HAIBAL.

Finally Haibal is often updated and on this page you can find all the release notes of HAIBAL. We will keep you informed by email at each update.

We hope you’ll enjoy HAIBAL and it that will help you to success in your project.
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